Bakersfield Social Security Administration Office

Bakersfield Social Security Administration Office

The Bakersfield Social Security Office is available to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your social benefits, your social security card and more.

Here you can find the contact information for this office, including phone number, location and office hours. You can also find a FAQ section where we answer the most common questions asked at Bakersfield Social Security Office.

If you visit this location, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking assistance with Social Security issues.

If you visit the Bakersfield Social Security Office, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking help for a tax problem.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, it was suspended face-to-face service to the public at the Social Security Offices until further notice. However, you can still receive assistance by phone, fax, or online. Your local field office is available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9AM - 4PM.

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Top online services you might receive

You can go to the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration to receive assistance online. This way you can request the following services without visiting your local office:

Apply for Benefits

  • Apply for Retirement Benefits
  • Apply for Disability Benefits
  • Apply for Medicare Benefits
  • Appeal a Decision

Review Your Information

  • View Your Latest Statement
  • Review Your Earnings History
  • Estimate Retirement Benefits
  • Check Application Status

Manage Your Account

  • Change Your Address
  • Set Up or Change Direct Deposit
  • Print Proof of Benefits
  • Print Your 1099

Frequently Ask Questions at Bakersfield Social Security Office

  • Can I apply for Social Security benefits online?

    Yes, you can do your application at

  • How long does it take to get a Social Security card?

    As soon as you provide all the information and documents required, the Social Security Administration will mail you your Social Security card. Generally, you can receive your Social Security Card within 2 weeks from the application day.

  • How do I change the name on my Social Security card?

    You will need to complete the Application for a Social Security Card by downloading Form SS-5 from the Social Security website. Once completed, you will need to mail the form or deliver it in person to your local office, along with the original copies of the documents needed to prove your identity.

  • How to replace a stolen or lost Social Security Card?

    You can request the replacement card online at or by calling 1-800-772-12-13. You can also do it by visiting your local office and providing an identification card to prove your identity.

  • Can I schedule an appointment with Social Security through this website?

    No, is not associated with the U.S. Social Security Administration and has no contact with its offices. As we only provide contact information, you must contact your local office directly to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment.

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    30 Reviews For Bakersfield Social Security Administration Office

    Creeping Cube
    I actually had a really good experience! I made my appointment, and waited a very short time outside for my name to be called. The security guard was very nice and helped me with everything I needed to do before actually getting to see someone.. which was a pretty long wait Iu2019ll admit. However, when I was finally seen by someone she was EXTREMELY helpful! I was rejected but that wasnu2019t her faultu2026 she helped and gave me a ton of options to figure out my situation. I feel like a lot of these negative reviews have been given by people who havenu2019t done their research AND they donu2019t make a correct appointment. When I asked the security guard why so many people wait outside and never get called he said u201c People a lot of the time either come here without an appointment or they come to the wrong buildingu201d. Also hereu2019s a tip: Dress how you want to be treated. I realize that you should HAVE to do this, however, people are more likely to help you AND treat you better if you are dressed nice ud83dude0a ud83dudc4dud83cudffb
    Catherine Swartz
    I've been trying for over a week to get in contact with someone in order to appeal my decision to continue disability. It says I have to call and speak to someone or go down to the office, but I went down to the office and they said I have to make an appointment. I have ten days in total to ask if I can continue to get paid throughout the appeal process but I can't ASK because the line is always busy and no one picks up their phones. This is people's lives on the line. I am a person who IS disabled and it's absolutely terrible that I can't do the things in order to make sure I can continue to live, because someone at this office won't do their job. How am I supposed to notify you if you won't pick up your phone and turn me away at the door when I go to see you???
    Mike Van Meter
    Called at 3:25 p.m to get some information about a letter they sent me. Man said he would check on it and put me on hold. 5 minutes later the phone was hung up. Same thing happened yesterday. To close to their quitting time, so they don't want to get occupied by having to do some work.
    Charlene Summerlin
    I have never seen a government office that didn't want to open but they sure are quick to take your Social Security money aren't they
    James Shields
    Drove to the Social Security office and they had already locked the doors. I even watched 1 employee sneak out the side door.
    Karla Beason
    Getting to talk to a live breathing human being is impossible. You stay on the line and follow the prompts and then they hang up on you without even saying all Representatives are busy, call back later. It's time for them to get back to work and help those that need it.
    Miriam Aguilar
    They need to hire new people, the employees obviously donu2019t know how to do their jobs. I requested a new card and they misspelled my name, so I called to let them know they made a mistake and ask them to correct it, and the representative told me thatu2019s actually my name and I have to go to court if I want to change it. What the heck?
    Ashu Kurkure
    I visited to apply for new SSN. Will start step by step.n1. Ample parking and seating space. Good ambience.n2. Process well defined. Had to wait for about half an hour for getting serviced but the wait was worth it.n3. And the best part, service was excellent. My case was handled by Elle whose entire focus was how to get the work done without compromising on the process. He patiently collected all information, completed the documentation and provided a confirmation.
    Tom Payne
    The last time I was at this Social Security Office was 10 years ago, and it was not a pleasant experience. However, I was very impressed with the operation yesterday! It was an efficient and well run organization! The building had been remodeled inside since the last time I was inside, so everything flowed extremely well. The staff was knowledgeable, curious, and efficient. I was in and out in about 40 minutes.
    Jamie Michelle Peu00f1a
    Thank you to Daniel at the SS office here in Bakersfield. We needed some help with my dadu2019s social security account and benefits. Daniel was super helpful, graceful, and patient with us. Thank you again!
    Bianca Veisaida Borrero
    Good customer service so far as long as we the clients know what their usually attitudes serve to us. It is ok to approach ss administration workers no matter what their attitudes respond to your help and my help. Know why? They are there for your and my problems at a while. Clearly, they are good patience working with clients. Good work.
    Kelly Zoanne
    Office opens at 9 am.... Currently writing this review still standing outside with no movement at 9:55am. It's outrageous especially when you are disabled and can't stand long. Have 10 windows and hardly anyone sitting in the waiting room!!!!! Should just open then they feel like it in that case. Wasting time..
    SexySookie420 DabQueen
    It is 72 to 80 degrees and I am 6 weeks pregnant waiting outside because they won't just let me stand in the doorway were I can get a brease. But the security guard does not care if other people can't be in this kind of weather if my body temperature goes up I could have a miscarriage and I blame the Social Security office
    Rosa Amador
    They take forever to answer the phone and they seem to lack experience when handling a call. On multiple calls I've given the run around and they don't seem to have a record of any updates to previous calls. It's just a big mess.
    Carolyn Morris
    As a government run operation it has the usual long wait and federal regulations... Like no weapons and such. They ditched the number system for being called to speak to anyone, check in first come first serve by name. Appointments have priority. Roll of the dice on the quality of soc sec personnel, some great and awesome...others not so much. But, eh, that's the government run operations for ya'll. Clean, seating inside, wheelchair accessible, and restrooms.
    Rc Hoyle
    Robo cop is a douchebag and out of 26 windows they only run 6 of them. A simple social security card request and print out took a good 4 hours. That's ridiculous! They need to go into the office and make some changes. Find out who the head of this office is and report these issues cause that's just bullshit. Never have I ever had to wait that long!
    Kay Murphy
    Bring your best attitude with you! The representative that assisted me was expecting trouble from me all through the interview...I could hear it in his voice. But the longer I was honestly pleasant, the less defensive he became and I was able to leave without becoming upset.
    Marcey Igo
    It's closed to the public except by phone. They slow and most of them are as slow as those they turn away. Their attitude is that your asking for help your a fifth class citizen.
    Harley Quinn Magallanes Vinson
    I like going to this office because they always help me on a timely matter.nThey listen to me very carefully so that I can get in and out with no problem ..nThe ppl that I have came across are every understanding to my need .nAnd that make me feel better about the? I ask ...nIt's all in a timely matter ...nThank you from Mr Hartman
    Malaya Ramsey
    They treat you decent. Very long wait but they try to accommodate.
    Ronald Troy White
    My payee is right across the street from the Social Security Office
    R Etheridge
    I believe that they have mastered the talent of actually working backwards. The best option is to arrive completely unprepared, not even a pen. You will receive their undivided attention and be out of there hours before all the people that were dumb enough to arrive prepared.
    Salah Mohamed
    Workers in this office has no interest in their work. They take for ever to aswer the phone and wanted to get rid of you when they answer.
    Crystal Goatcher
    Got to the office around 2:30pm they say call a number and they will let you in,nWell they didn't! There were people out here and they had appointments and still were not let into the building.
    Gigi Jackson
    Its really not much use making an appointment since you have to wait in line an hour or more outside while they let two to three people in at a time to then wait in line inside. Cant even just pick up paperwork to fill out for later without an hour or longer wait
    Cindy Cole
    Right now phone wait timesnare unbelievable. Two hoursnjust to update my address. Nonthank you, I'll call back anoughter time or day.
    Linda Oliver
    A call to this place,only just to talk with someone concerning, SSI benefits. This phone recorder say I can speak with someone after I answer a few important questions... after I done so it thank me, then says, call back later have a nice day and hangs up the phone...really?ud83dude16
    Diane Wurster
    I filed my claim almost 3 years ago. And my attorney filed my appeal almost a year.....AND, I am still waiting for a hearing date. I am told it could be another 6-12 months, yes months. Ugh!!! No wonder our town has so many homeless folks. This is sad sad sad.
    Jessica Look
    Mrs.demere was very helpful she went through my papers ,tossed the ones not needed and helped me fill out proper papers,and proceeded to help me file them the next day . she called me back and did not make me wait a second time . Thank you very much Mrs Demere
    Dan M
    I want to thank the staff for the hard work they do. Very helpful and professional. You guys rock!

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