Everett Social Security Office

Everett Social Security Office

The Everett Social Security Office is available to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your social benefits, your social security card and more.

Here you can find the contact information for this office, including phone number, location and office hours. You can also find a FAQ section where we answer the most common questions asked at Everett Social Security Office.

If you visit this location, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking assistance with Social Security issues.

If you visit the Everett Social Security Office, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking help for a tax problem.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, it was suspended face-to-face service to the public at the Social Security Offices until further notice. However, you can still receive assistance by phone, fax, or online. Your local field office is available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9AM - 4PM.

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Top online services you might receive

You can go to the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration to receive assistance online. This way you can request the following services without visiting your local office:

Apply for Benefits

  • Apply for Retirement Benefits
  • Apply for Disability Benefits
  • Apply for Medicare Benefits
  • Appeal a Decision

Review Your Information

  • View Your Latest Statement
  • Review Your Earnings History
  • Estimate Retirement Benefits
  • Check Application Status

Manage Your Account

  • Change Your Address
  • Set Up or Change Direct Deposit
  • Print Proof of Benefits
  • Print Your 1099

Frequently Ask Questions at Everett Social Security Office

  • Can I apply for Social Security benefits online?

    Yes, you can do your application at www.ssa.gov.

  • How long does it take to get a Social Security card?

    As soon as you provide all the information and documents required, the Social Security Administration will mail you your Social Security card. Generally, you can receive your Social Security Card within 2 weeks from the application day.

  • How do I change the name on my Social Security card?

    You will need to complete the Application for a Social Security Card by downloading Form SS-5 from the Social Security website. Once completed, you will need to mail the form or deliver it in person to your local office, along with the original copies of the documents needed to prove your identity.

  • How to replace a stolen or lost Social Security Card?

    You can request the replacement card online at www.ssa.gov or by calling 1-800-772-12-13. You can also do it by visiting your local office and providing an identification card to prove your identity.

  • Can I schedule an appointment with Social Security through this website?

    No, SSecurityOffices.com is not associated with the U.S. Social Security Administration and has no contact with its offices. As we only provide contact information, you must contact your local office directly to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment.

  • 30 Reviews For Everett Social Security Office

    Mailed in exactly what I was told to send and got it returned stating I needed to do the exact opposite of what the website and agent told me. Tried to call again, but there's no way to wait on hold for an agent or leave a voicemail - the machine just told me it couldn't complete my call and hung up on me. How am I supposed to get ANYTHING done if I can't call and following directions results in 2 weeks of wasted time for nothing?!
    Richard Desroches
    Arrived at 8:50 am no appointment. Door opened at around 9:00. Security officer opened doors and was very helpful with all of around the 12 of us waiting. Logged in on entry manually per instructions. Within 10 minutes I was prompted to a window were I was once again greeted by a friendly and helpful person. Then waited for 25 minutes for my interview. Once again another friendly employee. No more return needed. All completed within an hour. Awesome employee's. Glad it's done however I admit I put it off for so long because of stories that don't exist.
    Aimee N.
    The older lady with shoulder length gray hair working today around 1pm was extremely rude. Try a profession not in customer service maybe no human contact. The older gentleman who took over her job due to her rudeness was absolutely a good person.nnSo thank you to him for picking up her slack and for his kindness. If you cannot show decency to people then you should not be working in customer service.
    Mack Moke
    If I could give them 0 stars I would. Absolutely extremely rude, hung up on my when I was trying to explain my frustrations (nicely) that they had given me the wrong information 4 times. Could have at least some sympathy to how hard it has been to even get through to a person, spent over an hour on the phone with them, only for some lady to hang up on me. This has literally been the worst experience that I have ever had with them, thanks to USPS losing my new social security card.
    Tamara Hopkins
    I have taken one of my adult children to this location several times for various things over the past few years, and we have had nothing but positive experiences. The security guard at the door is always welcoming, helpful, patient and friendly. The wait times can be long sometimes, but if you go in expecting that, it's not a big deal. Every staff person we've dealt with has been friendly and professional.
    Well I read the reviews before I went to see what I was dealing with. Office is closed unless you have an appointment. To get an appointment you are told to call the number that is on the door. It just rings busy. It is clear that the Social Security does not really want to help us. The guard had no explanation as to why the office was closed still or why the phone number didn't work. I find no security here. So should be 0 star.
    Ava Lynn (Ava)
    Just waited an hour on the phone to speak to someone about scheduling an appointment. If you Google how to make an appointment, it tells you to call the 1-800 number, OR to call the local office. I called this one and the Lynnwood location, and both are giving me a busy signal. No option to even hold.nSo I called the general number, waited on hold for an hour and told the lady I wish to schedule. She said I HAVE to call local to make an appointment. When the website clearly says I can get one scheduled both ways. And then I told her no one answered locally and she still transferred me. I'm fighting identity fraud and I need to replace ss card. How will I get through to them? I can't do it online because my credit has a fraud alert placed. Worst establishment ever!
    Janelle Moore
    I am Disabled, and have two jobs. Social Security sent a threatening letter on Christmas Eve. Because before, I called to tell them I had a second Job to pay my taxes. And that they where going to cancel my Social Security Income on Christmas Eve with that letter!! And the fact that I could not get a hold of anyone until the Holidays where over with. So I d welled thinking about how I am going to lose all my money, and my two jobs do not even pay as much as Social Security Income! The worst part is I wasn't even making that much money only hundreds not thousands. I have Schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After that I felt like attempting Suicide!! Be Very Careful when You Call Social Security, they are evil!!
    The Latter Rain
    Why are the people in this office so rude? I don't get it. VERY inpatient and that doesn't help anyone except get people frustrated....nOver the years this has been my experience with this office. Why don't they have the representives take a customer service class. Your dealing with the public, giving them the ability to put themselves in our shoes
    The lady with a short bob was very rude. (Booth 1) I left the office in tears because of how rude she was to me. I donu2019t understand how she has a job working with the public if she clearly has no compassion let alone knows how to treat people no customer service skills what so ever . And clearly Iu2019m not the only one whou2019s had an issue with her.
    Katherine Robinson
    The bobbed-haired, approx 55 ish social security employee at the office went out of her way to 1) be unhelpful and 2) pass the buk to ANY other S.S, office in the united states. She claerly loathes her ob and finds courtesy and helpfulness distatesteful. THis, after I stood in line outdoors for about a half hour.
    Evan Howard
    Trying to reach the Everett office for a friend. Heu2019s been on hold, literally all day. Has reached one person, named Mathew one time, and then was promptly told to wait a second and was then cut off. Iu2019ve tried calling and either no one picks up, or the phone recording cuts me off. This office sucks, and so does whatever phone recording technology theyu2019re using. Canu2019t get through to anyone at all. The SSA is a joke.
    Zach Stock
    I have called 10 to 15 times a week for over a month and have yet to talk to anyone. I am put on hold for over 20mins and then the phone just rings and rings and no one ever answers. Don't know if it's the system or the people, but it is very discouraging.nnI know there are a lot of people being helped and even more so since the shut down, so thank you to all the people working hard, just wish I could get through.
    Xuan Qin
    Arima NEEDS TO BE FRIED!! She is the worst, rudest person on the phone, she then hang up on me when I was asking a question. She is the shame for this office and for the area. Obviously she hates her job working in the SSA and hates the clients who are calling to seek for basic help.
    Laura Tutaj
    THEY'RE FINALLY OPEN IN PERSON. I know people have been waiting on that, since they don't answer their phone. My appt was very quick today!
    Brian Ogden
    Should be ZERO Stars, they do not care about anyone. First time waited 20 minutes then they disconnected. 2nd time ringing off the hock for ten minutes so fare no one picks up, just want to make an appointment for my wife to get her SS. Who is worse US immigration or SS, both are slower than a turtle and do not have any empathy. Write your congressman and senator.
    Sergey Klub
    The worst service I ever experienced.nI tried to get my social security card almost 2month!! And I still donu2019t receive it!nTo call in the SSA you need to wait at least 20-30min but itu2019s not 100% that youu2019ll talk with an agent. Everyone says that office doesnu2019t work at all, but after sending SS5 form for ssn replacement including my passport aftrr few days someone called me and scheduled appointment ud83dude33 but if you try to schedule appointment directly with agents they would say that office doesnu2019t work for public ud83eudd26ud83cudffcu200du2642ufe0fnnWell after visiting their office I bring everything they asked, filled in ss5 form and double check my address where ssn should be send. And you know what? After additional 2weeks waiting for my new ssn I called them again and they said that we missed your address ud83eudd26ud83cudffcu200du2642ufe0fand that I need to send this ss5 again ud83dude00nnSo, I would say that this office the worst compare to other SSA offices..
    Kyler Russell
    They just wonu2019t pick up the phone itu2019s always busy or Iu2019m getting told to u201ctry lateru201d Iu2019ve been calling for weeks because i requested theyu2019d mail me some Important information and they said they would and never did itu2019s been about 3 weeks at this point .
    John Hopp
    The Everett office is the rudest government office .they can't get anything right .they held out medical for me when I did what I was told to do to fix it. So I could get my check.when I called they were rude and she hung up on me.
    CA Gray
    I didn't expect much from this place, assuming it would be like every other beaurocratic institution... And it is in many ways... But I found staff at this particular location truly compassionate and helpful. They helped me wade thru a complicated social security claim, and caught & corrected some major errors in my case that had been overlooked prior. Everyone I worked with there was amazing, but a special shout out to Mr Harris. I'm very grateful, and recommend this location over others, and well above calling in.nnOn calling in; don't. You'll hold for hours, be transferred all over the place, and likely never get your issue resolved. The SSA phone & automated systems are insanely hard to navigate. Confusing, counterintuitive -idk how anyone gets thru! Just stop by and take a number. I never had to wait more 90 mins, even when the place is packed to capacity. Average wait time is only about 25 mins.nnThey open @ 8 or 9am and close @ 4pm. If you get in before 4 they will see you. At 4:01 The doors lock. Best time to go is midday at midweek. Mon mornings & Fri afternoons are their busiest times.nnThey have just one dedicated security guard, instead of a rotating staff of them. He checks all bags and is super personable. He'll answer any questions about service procedure you have on entering the building, and go out of his way to find you if your # is called and you don't hear it, instead of letting them pass you by.nnParking is rough. There's not nearly enough. Walk or bus it if possible. Or be prepared to camp and wait until someone else pulls out. They only have about 16 dedicated spots plus a few streetside for a building that regular hosts 60+ people at a time. And surrounding businesses are rather hostile in regard to SSA parkers infringing on their spaces.
    Tiara Griffin
    Arima NEEDS TO BE FRIED!! She gaslighted me saying I was yelling at her and that she was gonna disconnect the call. I never yelled at that lady. I was asking valid questions. She lacks compassion to be working with the people. I called back again and got her again and she did the same thing! Talked over me! I couldnu2019t explain anything. This is NOT someone you want working here when you have a FAMILY EMERGENCY AND YOUR ELDER MEMBER IS IN THE HOSPITAL WITH SEVERE INJURIES HELPING YOU. It was completely unacceptable. I really would like a manager to get involved and either write her up or get her more training. Iu2019m not happy.
    Hang Nguyen
    Excellent service and friendly staffs. For those who need a new SSN, you should call them to make an appointment. I called them to make an appoinment and gave them all infomation. I had to wait for 3 weeks to know the time of appointment. After I came to the office, I waited for 7 days to get the SSN mailed to my house.
    Mallori Boston
    I have been very frustrated with the process to change my name on my social security card due to getting married. I was declined the first time (my fault, I sent in the wrong document) and the first gal I talked to was very helpful and sent me a new application. I turned in all the right documents and received them back. I was told I would receive a denial if anything was wrong with my paperwork. I waited 4 weeks and still didn't hear anything. I called today and the representative was very rude over the phone. He basically said that since they got new printers, the fax of my documents were not saved and I need to resend them. He was very rude and frustrated with me, even though I was just trying to get clarification as to why this process is so confusing and that I am frustrated that they lost the faxes of my documents. I am very frustrated at this process and the service that I received was very unfortunate. I understand with COVID everything is snail-mail, so I can understand that, but there was no reason for this man to be so rude to me for just asking questions to clarify how this could have happened.
    Sofia Erica Berezovskaya
    Horrible customer service. Not willing to explain anything and they just refer you to their website with no further explanation. Get mad when you ask them questions. Woman on the line had an attitude problem. I'm am an 18 year old trying to schedule an appointment for a name change, it wasn't that hard to be helpful and polite.
    Faheem Nady
    I called them 3 times and I got 3 misleading replies. And waisted 2 weeks and the third week will be wasted too.
    Book Writer
    They never do what they say they're going to do. They always tell you 7 to 10 days and yet months later it never arrives. So you call them back and they say 7 to 10 day and that never arrives. So you call them back and then they tell you that it will be 7 to 10 days. They simply lie.
    Hannah S
    Getting a hold of them is like pulling teeth. And I've had better success pulling teeth.
    Alexander Chau
    Today I went to the SSA in Lynwood tried to apply for Medicare urgently because due to deadline....they told me that they are unable to do it without appointment ahead of time, Bellevue office earliest appointment is in April.nThen I drove to the SSA office in Everett, because I urgently needed my Medicare done prior the end of March, in order to obtain my Medicare supplement insurance, the time was around 11.30am ( my ticket # was A13), the staff in the booth #3 (I forgot to ask for his name) were very supportive, he patiently listened to my situation, then willingly to go the extra miles to ensure my application process through the system immediately, and later I was interviewed by another staff name Jennifer. They were very courtesy and polite, their services are truly second to none.nnNote: my other coworkers told me they had same experience with SSA office in Everett, the staff are very friendly and willing to listen to their clients first... thumbs up to their professionalism!
    Nicole Bavis
    The service I received was unprofessional, unpleasant, questionable. I went in and a rep was trying to play the blame game about why my address was wrong and I simply told her that I didn't come to discuss who's at fault, but to get my replacement card. She then told me that she couldn't help me and gives me a letter fill of typos that I have to try and go to a different office to try and have help to decipher.. I have been hung up on multiple times by different reps..it was really unreal, I couldn't believe our government would settle which reps such as some of the ones whom work at the Everett office. They are rude, disrespectful an non receptive of the customer service they are supposed to discharge. I recommend going to another office but hey that's me...
    Kiara Shankle
    Extremely unprofessional, rude and the most inconsiderate experience Iu2019ve ever received in customer service. Laughing at the inconvenience of my problem, complaining how many calls a day they get about the same issue and told me I need to take any further complaints up with Congress. There was zero ounce of professionalism on their end and I am still here after her hanging up on me with my issue unresolved. Disgusted beyond belief.

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