Billings Social Security Office

Billings Social Security Office

The Billings Social Security Office is available to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your social benefits, your social security card and more.

Here you can find the contact information for this office, including phone number, location and office hours. You can also find a FAQ section where we answer the most common questions asked at Billings Social Security Office.

If you visit this location, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking assistance with Social Security issues.

If you visit the Billings Social Security Office, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking help for a tax problem.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, it was suspended face-to-face service to the public at the Social Security Offices until further notice. However, you can still receive assistance by phone, fax, or online. Your local field office is available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9AM - 4PM.

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Top online services you might receive

You can go to the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration to receive assistance online. This way you can request the following services without visiting your local office:

Apply for Benefits

  • Apply for Retirement Benefits
  • Apply for Disability Benefits
  • Apply for Medicare Benefits
  • Appeal a Decision

Review Your Information

  • View Your Latest Statement
  • Review Your Earnings History
  • Estimate Retirement Benefits
  • Check Application Status

Manage Your Account

  • Change Your Address
  • Set Up or Change Direct Deposit
  • Print Proof of Benefits
  • Print Your 1099

Frequently Ask Questions at Billings Social Security Office

  • Can I apply for Social Security benefits online?

    Yes, you can do your application at

  • How long does it take to get a Social Security card?

    As soon as you provide all the information and documents required, the Social Security Administration will mail you your Social Security card. Generally, you can receive your Social Security Card within 2 weeks from the application day.

  • How do I change the name on my Social Security card?

    You will need to complete the Application for a Social Security Card by downloading Form SS-5 from the Social Security website. Once completed, you will need to mail the form or deliver it in person to your local office, along with the original copies of the documents needed to prove your identity.

  • How to replace a stolen or lost Social Security Card?

    You can request the replacement card online at or by calling 1-800-772-12-13. You can also do it by visiting your local office and providing an identification card to prove your identity.

  • Can I schedule an appointment with Social Security through this website?

    No, is not associated with the U.S. Social Security Administration and has no contact with its offices. As we only provide contact information, you must contact your local office directly to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment.

  • 20 Reviews For Billings Social Security Office

    I sent in my application with my marriage license and my husband has 2 last names they only put one last name on there and when I called to get it fixed the lady I spoke to was not very nice about it. Then I waited 2 weeks and still didnu2019t receive a fixed ssn card. Called them again. Jim answered the phone and was so incredibly nice and fixed what I needed fixed. I appreciated his kindness and professionalism.
    Charles J Nemitz
    SSA officials have been courteous and professional and handled my request in a simple and straightforward manner. Life is not perfect and neither are people. We do what we can with what we have, including our service providers. I will agree that the rental cops doing security need to be prison guards. Very rude, aggressive and disrespectful. But they do not work for SSA. They monitor the entire building. And as for the complainers, cry me a river.
    jessica hubley
    If I could give a negative review I would. I have been working closely with the office since my identity was stolen through a website that was sponsored by this office. I have since sent in an application with my ID, and 2 weeks later no response. I went down to the office today in Billings and the security officers were horrible. They wouldnu2019t even hear me out. For something that is supposed to be a simple process, this has been a nightmare!!!!
    Lindsey Martin
    The offices being closed and only open fordire needappointments was very inconvenient for getting a new social security card. When I called the lady told me I had to send my driver's license in the mail; however, I need my license to drive every day to work! Then she told me I could go to a doctors office to get a note about my identity; however, this is even more of a hassel because now I have to go into a doctors office during covid-19 and not only would I have to go to a doctor office but also post office to mail all the paperwork. This then creates more contact than if I could just go in in person!!! I guess I just don't understand why your business is closed to public needs when other businesses are open to the public needs?
    barbara dixon
    My husband went in to activate his SS. Several months ago, we couldn't get into his account online so this time he thought he would just do it in person. After a short wait, a woman looked at his account and told him he had to go online to activate it. She was very brusque and would offer no more help.nWe went online and tried again but no luck. He was actually locked out for 24 hours!nHe was supposed to have left for Great Falls hours ago to help his Mom so I told him to just go, we'd figure this out.nThe next morning, he went to the Great Falls office and got everything taken care of within half an hour. SS activated AND help fixing his online account. They also sent for replacement cards for him. Along with everything thing else the day before, the holder for his cards fell out of his wallet!nThis is how to give help, this is the service that we taxpayers pay for!nWe are so unhappy with the Billings office or maybe it was just a problem with this particular woman.nTHANK YOU GREAT FALLS MT OFFICE!
    Angela Matranga
    The judge is not a good judge. He needs to retire. He discriminates against people for there age instead of the medical evidence. He does not listen to anything. He is rude an disrespectful. I believe he is not the right judge for his position
    Anita Gonzalez
    Honestly, I can't believe the way they treat people. There must be zero checks and balances for their conversations and phone calls. Hate to 'bother' them asking them to do their jobs. It's like going to a restaurant and having your food thrown in your face, then the server askingwell what do you want me to do?Who do they answer to? Because it's definitely not the public, when they constantly hang up on people, belittle people and make others feel horrible about themselves. Then when they screw up they won't admit it, let alone do anything to remedy it for months on end.
    Went into this office to turn in disability paperwork directly, as I had not been provided with an envelope (it came in the mail a week and a half later, after I had to have the paperwork turned in!!!!!) and the man who helped me told me he would send it off to the proper offices for processing. Come a month and a half later and my disability case manager tells me he had received NO paperwork for me, and I got a warning for being late and them having to send me paperwork again!!!!!nNever trusting this office with anything again if they can't even handle so much as putting a packet of paper in an addressed envelope and sending it.
    Paul Super
    Had to make an appointment to update status. Quick and easy visit. Just make sure you have the required documents.
    Kristi Krushensky
    Great Location, Very Clean. Have Always Got In Fairly Quick. The Staff Is Usually Very Helpful But Not Very Friendly. Needs More Inviting Service!
    James Cade
    Very helpful and courteous.n***BE AWARE*** weird business hours particularly if you are coming from out of town (Billings).n(as of Fathers Day 6-20-16)...nnMon & Tues 9am-4pmnnWednesday 9am-12 noonnnThurs & Fri 9am-4pmnn[ Closed weekends and federal holidays of course ]
    Kayla Nordhus
    Donu2019t bother going. They canu2019t help you in person. You have to pay yourself out of pocket to get things mailed in. No Iu2019m person and no drop off. Customer service of employees and managers is poor and non-helpful.
    Too lazy to post their hours on google, also to lazy to answer the phone or provide an immediate option to find business hours, Ill be posting the hours for them on their google card when I find out.
    Nicholas Edwards
    Bad service hung up on me 3 times in a row after waiting 20 mins
    N A
    Fast service, extremely helpful and friendly. Way better than I expected!
    Jen Farewell
    I didn't wait long and the people there were very helpful and friendly.
    Justin Berry (JB)
    Leave your knives and guns in the car. Very nice helpful service.
    Velia Val Halbert
    I really like how helpful the staff is around there.
    Scott Ellis
    Horrible customer service.
    Dawn Zipper
    Short line

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