Yuba City Social Security Administration Office

Yuba City Social Security Administration Office

The Yuba City Social Security Office is available to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your social benefits, your social security card and more.

Here you can find the contact information for this office, including phone number, location and office hours. You can also find a FAQ section where we answer the most common questions asked at Yuba City Social Security Office.

If you visit this location, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking assistance with Social Security issues.

If you visit the Yuba City Social Security Office, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking help for a tax problem.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, it was suspended face-to-face service to the public at the Social Security Offices until further notice. However, you can still receive assistance by phone, fax, or online. Your local field office is available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9AM - 4PM.

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Top online services you might receive

You can go to the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration to receive assistance online. This way you can request the following services without visiting your local office:

Apply for Benefits

  • Apply for Retirement Benefits
  • Apply for Disability Benefits
  • Apply for Medicare Benefits
  • Appeal a Decision

Review Your Information

  • View Your Latest Statement
  • Review Your Earnings History
  • Estimate Retirement Benefits
  • Check Application Status

Manage Your Account

  • Change Your Address
  • Set Up or Change Direct Deposit
  • Print Proof of Benefits
  • Print Your 1099

Frequently Ask Questions at Yuba City Social Security Office

  • Can I apply for Social Security benefits online?

    Yes, you can do your application at www.ssa.gov.

  • How long does it take to get a Social Security card?

    As soon as you provide all the information and documents required, the Social Security Administration will mail you your Social Security card. Generally, you can receive your Social Security Card within 2 weeks from the application day.

  • How do I change the name on my Social Security card?

    You will need to complete the Application for a Social Security Card by downloading Form SS-5 from the Social Security website. Once completed, you will need to mail the form or deliver it in person to your local office, along with the original copies of the documents needed to prove your identity.

  • How to replace a stolen or lost Social Security Card?

    You can request the replacement card online at www.ssa.gov or by calling 1-800-772-12-13. You can also do it by visiting your local office and providing an identification card to prove your identity.

  • Can I schedule an appointment with Social Security through this website?

    No, SSecurityOffices.com is not associated with the U.S. Social Security Administration and has no contact with its offices. As we only provide contact information, you must contact your local office directly to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment.

  • 20 Reviews For Yuba City Social Security Administration Office

    Vanida Sepongviwat
    Everyone was so kind and efficient! The Front security was extremely patient. Not to mention the lady who received us! Very nice people. Good to see. Honestly the fastest trip into the SOC Offices in my life. Not to mention, very helpful. u2764ufe0f
    Jacquii Schulz
    I would give my experience a 0 if I could. These people make the DMV seem efficient! Every time Iu2019ve called, I get a different answer from each person I talk to. They continued to ask me to mail my primary documents against federal websites instruction rather than giving me an in person appointment because of u201cCovidu201d even though theyu2019re still offering them for 3 other people Iu2019ve spoke with. After mailing my primary documents against their websites instructions (along with extra documents due to the first person giving me incorrect instructions) all I get is a handwritten note on a post it saying u201cinsurance cards must have date of birthu201d. 1. Insurance cards donu2019t show date of birth, 2. I cannot ask my insurance company for a copy with that information. Along with my faulty insurance card, I also mailed my drivers license, amongst other things they asked for and I all I got back was a post it with a toddlers handwriting on it. Most inept group of people Iu2019ve ever experienced in my life.nnUpdate, after my third rejection (following Yuba city SAA instructions) I called oroville and they made me an appointment right away and did not understand why Yuba city was having such a hard timeu2026.ud83eudd26ud83cudffbu200du2640ufe0f
    Henry Anderson
    These people are in the same, lazy, do nothing catagory with DMV! ....they lost my original paperwork to show that I was no longer getting workers comp, which shorted me on my monthly check! ....then when I called them to get it straight, I had to resubmit my paperwork again....at that time I was assured that within a couple weeks my monthly check should be up to par! ....over 6 months later, and still nothing has been done on my behalf! ....enough is enough! ...its my money, I paid into this system all my life....Something needs to be done! ....if I could give them a minus 10 score I would!
    Manpreet Pannu
    Everything is open after covid but these lazy people are just sitting at home and doing nothing they never answer the Call and if they answer the call after hours of waiting theyu2019ll hang up on you when you request them for appointment every person has a different answer for your problems
    Christopher Sherling
    Horrible experience, some one from yuba city office leake my information after that I got lots of calls to mail them my passport ,work authorization card and birth certificate (all original ) and I called them more than 20 times every time they give me different answers . In the end I got call that we have delivered your card to your other address ,give us your information etc .nThis shows scammers are working in Yuba city office .Please US Social security administration check eye on them . Find out who are scammers there .nThankyou.
    Rodney Baxter
    Nice and quick, sanitary, air conditioning is nice
    Samantha Holland
    This office is extremely slow, unfriendly, and lack basic knowledge. They can can not complete a simple name change. I attempted to change my name after marriage at this office and was told I could go to DMV 48 hours after to complete my change there. I waited four business days. DMV was unable to verify and asked me to go back to social security. I waited for two hours before they closed at 4pm. I went back first thing the following morning. They gave me a print out with my new name. I went back to DMV. They said their must be a glitch in SS computer and I needed to go back there and have them resubmit. Social Security tells me they can not resubmit the name change and to just wait until I receive my card in the mail in 2-6 weeks. Too bad DMV reviews it electronics and a paper card wont matter! DMV told me that it should have only taken 24 hours and there is a problem with social security! Too bad this office wonu2019t help!
    Rudest women over the phone, extreme rude, disrespectful, when you want to update any information please make everything with proof because they are very dishonest and donu2019t seem like they enjoy working there and rude,rude rude,. When you ask them for there name , than there going to hang up on you.
    Joy Jackson
    What can I say? There are a handful of helpful folks there, I'm sure. One of them I know is super helpful. However, two of them yesterday were completely rude and utterly disrespectful to me. When a check isn't mailed out, that is not the recipients fault, but according to these women it is. When a check then is not the correct amount, that also becomes the recipients fault, even though check stubs were turned in and a confirmed adjustment is made to the amount. Then, when they say,oh, I bank at [bank name], too. I know what the numbers areand then they enter in your savings account as a checking, thus bouncing the check back from the bank to the Treasury, that ALSO becomes the recipients fault (even though I asked her to check it last Thursday to make sure the numbers and account was correct, and she refused to). So then yesterday, when I finally get a direct deposit slip to bring in, I am told,We can't keep re-sending the same check out!... Well, actually you can when the error continues to be your fault despite you continuing to say it is mine. Then when I tell the woman at Window 4,I also don't appreciate being told that this is my fault when I have no control of these circumstances,and her response isvice versathen to continue to tell me,There's a reason why your check didn't come on the first.... You have no idea why the check didn't come because you refused to listen to me. You both did. You both tried to lay blame on me, whose been given the run-around for 26 days and while your job is to help me, you'd rather treat me like I'm an annoyance. When we come into the Social Security Office, that's the last thing anybody wants to do. The individual is not an annoyance, they are there for a reason, for help of some kind. It is unjustifiable to treat a human being the way I was treated for things that I truly cannot control. Two stars for the sake of those that are great human beings working there, but, my experiences tell me that the majority there are not all that helpful. The security guards: they are great, though. 5 stars for them.
    Dana Callison
    If I could give them a zero I would. My sister in law and I got there at the same time. Checked in at the same time. Right after checking in my sister in law got called. Im guessing they called my name after hers but they said it incorrectly. So I didnt get up and they only called once. Then after 20 min I went up to window 6 and she put my name back on the list. Then I still had to wait for 4-5 more people to get called after 30 more minutes. This is so rediculous. The guards are nice though and they are quick everytime I went in anyways. Thats all I got to say about that. That was all in the time of 2 and a half hours. It wouldve been and hour and forty-fives minutes. If they had said my name correctly.
    Beccalynn Marie
    They gave me the run around, gave me the wrong information, and then when I got it situated spelled my new last name wrong, I'm so over this office
    Sarena Yang
    The social worker that I came to see for my son SSI that i have appointment on December 28, 2018 at 9:00a.m. window 8 really have a bad and rude attitude. She isn't very helpful and she keep making way too hard on us.
    Kaley Jones
    The authority complexed man-child that argued with me wouldnu2019t give my newborn a social security card, with the provided birth certificate and midwife letter. His reasons were personal, arbitrary, and ridiculous (all about the appearance and said it looked too u201cgenericu201d for him instead of fancier) - not law. It was a joke.nnOroville did it no problem.
    Diamond Johnson-Hannon
    We are all literally being forced to stand outside AT THE DOOR in order to even enter the building. The place is not entirely full (it's almost 1pm), and we can't check in through the kiosk even though it is working fine. It seems like things are moving pretty fast as far as service goes, but this is ridiculous. There is no reason why people should not be able to stand INSIDE the building, especially in the middle of winter. At least it's not raining. People who have already been inside and trying to re-enter are being forced to wait in this lame line again also. SMH
    Sukhdev Minhas
    Previous records don't figure out,not in systametical
    Maria VB
    Slow, they donu2019t call as scheduled for phone appointments. If do they only let ring once and their number is hidden with no caller ID which no one answers they know that too.
    Ashley Thao
    I honestly don't mind having to go through security check. However, some of the workers there are simply rude and not helpful at all. Instead of being helpful, a worker gave us an attitude. It's no wonder people hate going there.
    Tami Lunn
    Waited 1:45 just to turn in paperwork. Customer service is bad for the most part.and long hold time on phone.get sent to the wrong ppl for reason for call. Takes forever to get calls back if they ever call back and get different answers to the same question depending on who you ask. I get it's just a job to them but are in control of ppls lifes.
    Cloudy Kitty
    Very rude hung up in my face and they don't want to help and they don't care. Very unprofessional. It's not them why would they care.

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