Mesa Social Security Office

Mesa Social Security Office

The Mesa Social Security Office is available to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your social benefits, your social security card and more.

Here you can find the contact information for this office, including phone number, location and office hours. You can also find a FAQ section where we answer the most common questions asked at Mesa Social Security Office.

If you visit this location, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking assistance with Social Security issues.

If you visit the Mesa Social Security Office, please tell us about your experience. It can be useful for others seeking help for a tax problem.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, it was suspended face-to-face service to the public at the Social Security Offices until further notice. However, you can still receive assistance by phone, fax, or online. Your local field office is available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9AM - 4PM.

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Top online services you might receive

You can go to the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration to receive assistance online. This way you can request the following services without visiting your local office:

Apply for Benefits

  • Apply for Retirement Benefits
  • Apply for Disability Benefits
  • Apply for Medicare Benefits
  • Appeal a Decision

Review Your Information

  • View Your Latest Statement
  • Review Your Earnings History
  • Estimate Retirement Benefits
  • Check Application Status

Manage Your Account

  • Change Your Address
  • Set Up or Change Direct Deposit
  • Print Proof of Benefits
  • Print Your 1099

Frequently Ask Questions at Mesa Social Security Office

  • Can I apply for Social Security benefits online?

    Yes, you can do your application at

  • How long does it take to get a Social Security card?

    As soon as you provide all the information and documents required, the Social Security Administration will mail you your Social Security card. Generally, you can receive your Social Security Card within 2 weeks from the application day.

  • How do I change the name on my Social Security card?

    You will need to complete the Application for a Social Security Card by downloading Form SS-5 from the Social Security website. Once completed, you will need to mail the form or deliver it in person to your local office, along with the original copies of the documents needed to prove your identity.

  • How to replace a stolen or lost Social Security Card?

    You can request the replacement card online at or by calling 1-800-772-12-13. You can also do it by visiting your local office and providing an identification card to prove your identity.

  • Can I schedule an appointment with Social Security through this website?

    No, is not associated with the U.S. Social Security Administration and has no contact with its offices. As we only provide contact information, you must contact your local office directly to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment.

  • 30 Reviews For Mesa Social Security Office

    Gu00fcrsel Esember
    Last week l had an appointment and when I got it they explained that l needed additional documents to complete. They said to come next Wednesday and Today I went to the office so what l faced is my appointment was on yesterday and today l said l need take a new appointment. Maybe to get an appointment is the hardest job in Arizona. I will create a complaint petition and to provide it to reach to main responsible government statement. COVID should not be their armor. Our times are valuable at least yours.
    I went in person after work around 4pm because Google said that it was open until 6pm, but thats not true. There a sign said that's you have to make an appointment frist. And the hour was different. I wish I knew this information before I drive there and if they just put this on their website it would save me the drive there.
    Mz. Kamicazi
    I definitely prefer the Glendale SSA OFFICE we went in to file papers and the security guy was nice the guy at the desk that you tell why you came to the office today didn't want to listen I understand their can only be a certain amount of ppl in building with restrictions however I am the one helping my husband with this process and the guy put me out of the building I have seen other people go in together one ran out to put a sweat shirt on because she was in a belly shirt tank top n shorts but was able to return as with the other party she was with. My husband's anxiety is going up and the man won't even state what category husband was put in. BTW its extremely hot out side and I just had a c-section 4 weeks ago!nnWe will see about going to a different office or do everything by phone I have dealt with SSA for years with family members and my kids never have I wanted to leave a negative review till today.nMy husband has been waiting for an hour and still has no idea why everyone who gets seen and out they go right away.
    Ally Gibson
    I called the Phoenix office and based on my Mesa zip code, they advised I call this office. They confirmed this office is in fact taking SS card applications and appointments,nand has been doing so since January 2021. I called this office and got a very nice lady, who said they are not taking appointments until after April 1, 2022. This location is also supposed to know by that date if they can accept walk-ins again. I would call after April 1 if you need an appointment or walk-in.
    Michelle Jacobs
    DOES ANYONE HAVE A WORKING NUMBER FOR THIS OFFICE???? I called the national service number, and all the Phone Numbers where bad. I even I had the rep call and she said, You are right, it is just busy. How can I make an appointment without a phone number to call? GET ME A PHONE NUMBER. So quick edit. As I actually went. The number is correct. You have to call over and over to get a human. Don't let the busy signal get you down. After 25 times I got a human. Still ridiculous
    Karen Vanessa N.
    I was a little bit scared about coming to this location because of all the bad reviews. I had a good experience there, but you have to be aware that if you call them you should expect to be on the phone waiting for someone to talk to between 45 min to 1 hour. I called this office to make sure if I needed an appointment or could just walk in. I went ,because I had to update my SSN after becoming a citizen. I was told I didn't need an appointment so I went in today around noon. I think that time was perfect, because the place was empty. I went expecting to be there for at least and hour, but I was done within 10 minutes. Quick service.
    Ziggy Stardust * (ZiggyStardust87)
    Made an appointment for a Monday just after they opened , I woke up with COVID symptoms , tried to re schedule for about an hour only to be told that I had to call my local office , by that time it was 15 minutes past my appointment , a lady answer the phone ,I tried to explain why I was trying to cancel and reschedule and she just went crazy , screaming and literally scolding me about how I was the worst person for not rescheduling before , she didnu2019t even let me talk , she was just going over and over about why I didnu2019t reschedule on Friday , she couldnu2019t understand what she was telling me didnu2019t even make sense, on Friday I was feeling perfect , why would I Cancel my appointment ? she hang up on me and didnu2019t want to reschedule another appointment , thereu2019s a notice on the front door of your office which clearly states if you have any COVID symptom you should reschedule, I guess your worker didnu2019t get the memo.. we are in the middle of a pandemic , you would think your social workers could be a little more emphatic ? I had never been treated so poorly in my life .
    Caitlyn Ward
    I've tried calling 4 separate times on as many days to get in touch about missing original documents. The second (and only the second) call, I received a call back, and the gal didn't give me the information that I needed to track them down. Tried calling back two more times, still haven't received a call back. Good luck getting your documents back if you send them here!
    Mary Finnell
    Why would the system NOT allow you to make an appt for an 85 year old handicap person, my Mom, for a change of address then make us ALL stand OUTSIDE in the AZ sun ! I move the Line under the shade and got yelled at .. the staff would rather see their customers and elderly pass out of heat than allow people to sit down and wait inside in the AC.. RIDICULOUS.. Iu2019m ashamed and wish I could direct MY tax dollars to a more logical process
    Cydnee Crismon
    0 stars. I sent in all the documents to get my last name changed last week. Last night I received a letter saying they denied it, for no reason given. The only thing they sent back was my license. Confused, I went down to the office to retrieve my marriage certificate and they refused to let me in or ask questions. The security guard was very rude as well. I went home and called 3 different people to find out where I could get my marriage certificate from, 2 of those ladies were very nice even though they were not able to find it. After speaking to someone actually working at this location, they said they donu2019t have it. I said I sent it with all my other documents like how you have to in order to change my last name. He then had the audacity to say u201cyou probably didnu2019t even send it inu201d. He tried to blame their officeu2019s careless on me. I am so frustrated and enraged with how terrible their service was. They donu2019t have any record of me even sending in my documents. He was also rude on the phone after I said u201citu2019s been a pain to work with this officeu201d-hanging up on me. I canu2019t even believe the experience I have had trying to do a simple name change. Now I have to figure out how to get an original document of my marriage certificate because of the laziness of some workers.
    BJ Rickert
    I called their number 3 times this afternoon in an attempt to set an appointment. I need a SSC.nnI was on hold for 15-20 minutes each time. Eventually, the hold music would cut out, and the line went dead. I'd be fine waiting on hold if I actually got somewhere besides repeated dropped calls.
    V Lo
    So I came into the office today to pick up my documents and get my name changed. Because there was a mistake on my address when they mailed them back.... So i got my documents and the asian guy told me I have to make another appointment and I told him no I had it to pick up my documents and change my name. So I left the building and called the number the young lady who answered the phone, didn't catch her name. I explained my situation and she said go back and I will get a manager which was Ms. VillaLobos. She came to the door and took me back amazing work ladies THANK YOU AGAIN AND TO Juan the guy behind the window.
    Savannah Joe
    Made my appointment with them showed up on time.. but they can't do my kids social security card because they don't accept birth certificates as a form of id for minors.. when I made my appointment they didn't say that or that they need stamped papers from their Drs and school.. wth.. waited a month for this appointment and now I was told I can't get another one. Really ridiculous.
    Jacinthe Courcy
    First of all I changed the name months ago , after 3 tries finally got my real name on the ss card.n((kept sending new card with previous name) now this is 4th try to get new name on Medicare card still sending new Medicare card with previous name. Whatu2019s wrong and what do they not understand.? Not even a 1 star as far as I am concerned. It will take another 30 days to get another card with the previous name. J c
    Jennifer Eylicio
    I came to the office without an appointment and I was able to get in rather quickly. Everyone was very kind and Professional. The only downfall is that you have to wait outside the building.
    Kaitlin Dubberke
    I donu2019t know if the ladyu2019s name was Nelly? Or Melly? The phone cut out. But that lady deserves a raise and to be praised. Unfortunately I couldnu2019t get what I was applying for but she was so sweet and so supportive and helpful on my phone call with her. The world would be a better place if more people were as nice as her. u2764ufe0f
    Julie Regalado
    truly just as bad as all the reviews say! I was on hold for 20 minutes, then the machine hung up on me. I was 15 minutes in my second call hoping they wouldnu2019t hang up again. I got through to the Scottsdale office in 2 minutes, but they said they couldnu2019t provide me service outside of their jurisdiction (Iu2019m in chandler). only saving grace was the nice man who finally did answer my call, but no apology for the wait time. be prepared to be frustrated
    Ayse Pohl
    You cannot drop off applications here. We visited the Phoenix office and were told to drop off our application in the drop off box at this location. We waited in line because we could not find the drop off box, called and asked where to drop it off where the operator WORKING INSIDE THE OFFICE said to come to the door, skip the line, and hand off our mail just inside the door and leave. The security guard said we were not allowed inside unless he had our name on his list, and that he would not be able to take our ALREADY IN ENVELOPE APPLICATION and take it inside. We had to call AGAIN for a supervisor who said they would fix the issue. Waited another 15min for nothing.
    Dawn Maxwell
    I wish I could give negative stars for the entire social security system. People in political office dont have to deal with the level of incompetence that average citizens have to deal with. I turned in the paperwork for a social security card but they mailed it back from the Mesa office stating it wasnt the right copy but the people tell you the original or a certified copy. So do the people not know what a certified copy looks like? With the seal from the state of Arizona.. You call 1800 number and those people tell you to call the local office but they are ones who messed up. Who holds the social security offices accountable Who do we report to when its a government office that is incompetent. Who do they answer to no one?? Where does the average citizen turn to when they need help. Its a very sad time were are in.. No one cares..
    Miranda Vance
    I'll give them 4 stars... I've never dealt with them in person but I do think its ridiculous that SSA offices are still closed so minus 1 star just for that.nnThat said, this review is based on their services via mail.nnI mailed my application for a new social security card with my new last name on it since I got married recently. I also mailed my legal documents like my passport and birth certificate, and within a week they had printed and mailed me a new social security card with my new last name. They also mailed all my legal documents back safe and sound. I was surprised how quick they were. If you need a new last name, I would 100% recommend mailing them your documents and getting a tracking number to make sure it gets there safely.
    Laura Mitchell
    I am so very thankful for all the staff here at this location. Initially I called and was greeted professionally and received all the info I needed. It wasn't ideal to have to wait in line to drop off paperwork but given the situation of the world; I was just happy to be able to drop it off. The security guard was professional and the staff inside were simply doing their job by getting straight to the point. I appreciate that. My biggest compliment was to the gentleman, (Mr. Lopez I believe) who took the time to call me and verify that my information was correct. Now, this deserves a 5 star! Thank you for your professionalism! I hope you have a good experience too! It took about 2 weeks to receive a name change to my ssn.
    Jordan Jacobs
    I would give no stars if I could. For this Mesa office Staff was rude and told me I had the incorrect paperwork to receive my newborns social security card. Went online to find out I had all the correct paperwork needed. Just had a rude employee who wanted to give someone a hard time. Sent all my official documents in via mail and had a MUCH better experience.nI have worked in a customer service role myself dealing with public in the past and I know itu2019s not a easy job at all so I always show the utmost respect for those brave enough to work these jobs, but I also know if you hate your job that much, that you need to make someoneu2019s day a little harder for no reason just to give you some sort of relief, you need to leave that job. You are here to help and assist with issuance of documentation not give the run around.
    Yelgari L
    I've tried to get a hold of someone for the past 2 weeks and NO ONE answers. I get being busy but to this extend? Terrible service, I would give them a 0 because they DONT even deserve a 1 STAR!!!!!
    Christopher Hendricks
    Govt office still following ridiculous covid protocols. Making people wait outside in Arizona heat.
    Suresh Muthumani
    The new SSN application was for my father (senior citizen). Fixing the appointment had a long wait time and the person at the other end of the line sounded rushed (probably too busy for the niceties) but they gave proper information such as required documentation and fixed the appointment. The visit itself was also smooth. The crowd was less on a Wednesday afternoon, about five applicants waiting outside the building to be called in. The security lady was accommodating and I was able to escort my father to the interview. The interview room follows Covid protocols such as masking and sufficient distancing. There were probably only two or three counters open. The SSN officer was professional and kind. The process was done within 25-30 minutes overall from the time we went to the office. It was a more pleasant experience than I had prepared my mind for under the circumstances. Thank you for your service and help and Keep up the good work!
    Rude just rude . They couldnu2019t take my paper work because it wasnu2019t stapled
    Lisa Stimpson
    I rarely complain but you guys need to open. I have been to many government agencies this month. In all Iu2019ve worn a mask and in some they have given out a finger protector when using touch screens. To ask people to put their most important documents in the mail is too far. Find a way to do it safely but you need to open your doors.
    Ma R
    They should stop this madness.nI still haven't received my daughter(7 months) SSN and because of that, I can't do tax return on time, I can't get reimbursement from work for child care, I can't get her passport and can't get child tax credit.nnI called them up and they put on a silent call for more than ten minutes. When I called again a guy answered and heard my voice and put on hold again. From this fact I can't help wondering if they decide whether they want to talk or not after hearing your voice. I saw other reviews saying the same thing.nnWe submitted an application at the hospital where she was born, and after 2 months we didn't receive her SSN so we called the office and the operator said, since there was no name on our mailbox, they couldn't deliver it... But there was no explanation about that when we submitted the original application.nnAnd the representative said she would send us an application form for us to fill it out again(which we found out we could print it out online without waiting for it to arrive) and that we must send it back with her medical record(not a birth certificate or my ID, just include a medical record she said. I doubled checked on that)u2190tge information she gave was wrong I found out laternnAnd when the application came, the letter saysplease complete the SS-5 and return it in person to the address shown belowand so we went to the address but it was closed. We just did what a letter told us to do (and google map doesn't reflect that the office is closed as well and there were other people looked confused in front of the office)nnAnd so we called the office again, and explained the situation to the man who answered but he hung up.nnSo we called again in a few days and we had to wait 1 hour to get to an operator, and as soon as she answered we asked her,please don't hang up the phone because the last representative hung up and we had to wait an hour to get to youand she laughed and said that must have been a mistake.nnAnd we told her about the situation then she said please visit an office again so we told her we went and it was closed. Then she changed her statement saying then send an application with her birth certificate(not with ID).nnAnd I said the last operator said a birth certificate is invalid. And she sounded upset suddenly and hung up even though we asked her not to in the beginning. She proved to us that's not a mistake. They obviously did it on purpose. These things are totally unprofessional and unkind.nnAnd after a conversation we sent an application with her birth certificate and her medical record just in case.nnAnd after 3 weeks we received a letter that you guys can't do unless we send an original copy of ID. And none of them told us about an ID which we wish at least one of them told us. So we sent copy of ID but they sent back saying they needed an original ID. Then please don't use a word of copy. Just say original ID.nnEveryone said a different thing although everytime we did exactly what they told us to but they said that's not right.nnAnd they should just simply open. Because sending our important documents like original ID and birth certificate is not a safe waynnAnd when I received my original ID they didn't seal it so it was very easy for post office to lose my original ID. Just so you know MVD didn't send a replacement of driver licence although we waited for 2 months and paid 12 dollars they didn't. And they said they can't refund 12 dollars as well.nSo when I submitted application again, we included an envelope with my address as to and put stamps so they can easily send them back. But when they sent back it wasn't sealed. Is that hard?nThis is madness. I feel like people who work there should consider of Karma of putting people's life miserable.nnAnd if people who is higher above read this, please please change the system into a better one. First of all just open the office to everyone!!!! That would make things better.
    Rachel LeMaire
    This office is not open as of 5/7/21. I took a day off of work to go and it was closed. There is no reason for this. Every other business has put in protocols to lower the risk of Covid.. since they arenu2019t open, they are doing last name changes THROUGH THE MAIL. We had to mail in our own certified copy of our marriage license to get it done. Not to mention, the process used to take 2 days. They now are saying it will take a minimum of 3 weeks. No one has called to let us know if they received it or what the status is. Finally, good luck getting someone on the phone without waiting insane amounts of time.
    Jay Sa
    Appointment required. Although it takes a few days I feel it is much easier and faster than first come-first served basis. In and out relatively fast.

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